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The King's Yard Sale!

The King’s Yard Sale!


The Baseball Card king is one of the largest retailers of Sports Cards and Sports Memorabilia in the Country. We are always BUYING! With the buying machine always stuck in the “Full Speed Ahead” mode there will be some over flow of items and other neat collectibles, often we have so much stuff that we need to hit the pressure valve every now and then to free up some space, which has led us to the now famous “Warehouse Sale” for those of you who have been to one these sales, you know what we are talking about. With the warehouse sale only twice a year we are still having the issue with too much inventory! Welcome to the Yard Sale! Here you will find some unique and one of a kind items, along with bevies of other items. These items are priced to sell, not to Ew and Ahh at, this is not a museum. Please stop by often as we are adding items daily.